Our Stories

Jude is 5 months old and is the happiest baby around. He spends all day laughing and smiling. Everyone who knows Jude loves him so much. Please vote and help him win this contest!

Meilani is 9 months old and is so sweet. She is a true character and has a wide array of facial expressions. This little girl will one day be famous! ??

Haiden is an adorable little boy born at 45weeks his chunky butt didn't wanna come out spent 48 hrs in labor his favorite things to do are eat and play in the bath. He's super smart started holding his self up by the first week of birth started rolling his self over by 3 days old and now he's already trying to crawl. He's just a big cuddly baby that's eager to learn ?

My little angel is just that, an Angel from Heaven. He is the most cutest, lovable, handsome little Angel that I love with everything in me. Born September 2nd,and has been the light of my life every since.

Jamari is a very happy advanced chocolate baby boy that loves kisses from mommy and to be talked to all day! He also shares his birthday with his mommy, how adorable!!

Hello, my mane is Everest Indigo Coughlin. I am going to be 6 months on the 22 of October. I love est fruit and cereal. I love ny two puppys bruce and bella and also my kitty otis!! I have the worlds best mommy and daddy they do anything and everything i love them both so very much!! Have a fantastic day everyone and please vote for me!!! ????????????